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General Information
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  National Research University Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU) is the flagship of the construction science and professional education.  It is an advanced center for research and education implementing the most advanced innovative technologies.

The University chairs the Association for Education and Methodology in Civil Engineering, as well as the International Association of Institutions of Higher Education in Civil Engineering uniting 142 institutions of higher education in Russia and CIS countries.  The pro-active attitude of MGSU fosters the intensive development of construction education through the generation of new specialties and specializations offered as a response to the building market demand.

The University is the coordinator of academic research projects jointly developed and implemented by the Russian universities of architecture and technology.

Besides, the University acts as the co-developer of the methodology of certification of civil engineering specialties offered by institutions of higher education in Russia.  MGSU chairs the Commission for international certification of civil engineering specialties offered by higher education institutions in Russia and CIS countries.

MGSU enjoys a well deserved international reputation; it has established fruitful international links with over seventy universities, institutes and centers for research and education based in 35 countries worldwide.

MGSU is a member of various international organizations, including the European Association of Civil Engineering Universities and Faculties (AECEF), the European Civil Engineering Education and Training (EUCEET), the European Association of Engineering Universities (SEFI), the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the International Society for Computing in Civil and Building Engineering (ISCCBE) and others.

MGSU is the only Russian Institute of higher education, having the BREEAM license.

 As part of student mobility programs, MGSU has awarded professional degrees to more than 3,100 specialists from over 100 countries.  Today, students from more than 50 countries study at MGSU.

Andrey Volkov

Rector of MGSU

 Moscow State University of Civil Engineering was established in 1921 (Moscow Institute of Civil Engineering named after V.V. Kuibyshev - until 1993). It is one of the oldest technical high schools of Russia.
  Moscow Institute of Civil Engineering was established on the basis of the Secondary construction school, which had existed since 1907.
  The first faculties of the Institute were: “Industrial and Civil Engineering”, “Water Supply and Waste Systems”, “Hydraulic Power Construction”, “Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation”, and “Mechanization and Automation of Construction”.
   By 1933 more than 5 thousand students studied here, while the teaching staff numbered 600 employees. In the meantime, the first textbooks on all construction disciplines were written, large research laboratories were organized, and the postgraduate centres worked successfully at the departments of the Institute.
    In 1935 Moscow Institute of Civil Engineering (MICE) was named after V.V. Kuibyshev and kept this name until 1993, when it was reformed into Moscow State University of Civil Engineering.
   In the postwar years, the Institute was developing rapidly in all spheres and opening up new departments and faculties; the student community was expanding, the teaching staff acquired new personnel, the post-graduate work was in full swing, the scientists of MICE were engaged in fundamental scientific research, they established contacts and scientific relations with domestic and foreign universities.
   In the 1960-1970s the new faculties began their successful work: “Heat and Power Engineering”, “Automated Control Systems for Construction”, etc.; the material and technical base of the Institute expanded, the new laboratories, academic buildings, and comfortable dormitories were built on the territory of MICE branch in Mytishchi, Moscow region.
   One of the most interesting pages in the history of MICE became for a good reason the formation of the student construction teams. Since 1956, the students of MICE spent their summers at the construction sites of hydroelectric power plants and factories, they also took part in the construction of many facilities for the Moscow Olympic Games of 1980 and, of course, in the construction of their home institute.
   In 80-90s the Institute (and later the University) progressed and improved its educational, scientific and research work.
   In 1988 a MICE-based educational association for construction and engineering specialities was established. It united 28 construction high schools and about 1000 industrial, polytechnic and technological high schools of Russia having faculties of civil engineering. In 1991 the Association of Construction Institutes was established at MICE, which is currently headed by Professor Valery Telichenko, President of MGSU.
   In 1993 the status of our institute was changed. Moscow Institute of Civil Engineering (MICE) was renamed to Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU). Today MGSU is the leading University of Russia in the sphere of construction education.
   Currently 5 major institutes, 14 faculties and 65 departments operate in Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, carrying out training in a wide range of specialities and specializations. There are more than 30 specialized research laboratories; over 50 innovative structures carry out research and venture developments in the field of design and construction of safe and comfortable buildings, structures and complexes representing an innovative environment generating the new knowledge in the construction industry.
   MGSU actively cooperates with various universities and international organizations among which are: The Association of European Civil Engineering Faculties (AECEF), the European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI), the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).
MGSU was internationally accredited by the joint expert commission of the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) and the Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE), Great Britain.
   Under the auspices of MGSU the Russian Commission for International Accreditation of construction specialists of the Russian and the CIS high schools were established.

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